Previous issues

Issue 2
Perspectives YYC Issue Two PQ_Page_1.jpg

Issue Two, released October of 2019, carried on the energy of the first. This time, with an additional Open Call for cover art, we saw a continued wide array of interests and focuses. A launch party hosted by art supporter Rodney’s Oyster House saw a live performaance from incredible local band Handmade. As well, with the birth of the Perspectives YYC pdocast, a live recording was made to commemorate the event. Thank you to Kyle Marshall of MEdia Lab YYC who has built our digital and event venutres in partnership with us, while operating his own entrepreunerial project to build digital media for everyone!

David Youn
Issue 1
Perspectives YYC Issue One Final Edit v2.jpg

Released in July 2018. In April of 2018, our Magazine put out an Open Call. From an outpouring of content and support we were able to construct the first edition of Perspectives YYC. Everything from a photography essay on Winogrand to a project on lost shoes to poems to a reflection on grief, our magazine became the first of its kind here in Calgary. Aiming to be a snapshot of the creatives in this city - our first issue intentionally cast a wide net and I believe we set a great marker. Intentionally print only and ad free, seeing this object on a shelf or in the hands of a human being was an incredible achievement. A signal that Calgary was looking to change. Thank you to Helen Youn and Sam Steen for building this project from ground up.

David Youn