Mountaineer Jacquôt Marshall


Jacquôt Marshall is a friend I have made who loves coffee, mountains, and people. Mostly people. I invited him to the podcast as he started a new journey in a new career in hopes of harnessing his incredible energy for our venture here at Perspectives YYC.

Thanks, as always, to Kyle Marshall and MediaLabYYC and to Handmade.

Public Artist Alex Kwong


Alex Kwong and I met online to build a large public art project and while that didn’t take, we chat about our vibe, his talent, and his outlook on Calgary’s art scene - largely philosophically. Dude’s an incredible artist, more learned and opinionated than I thought, and man… that voice!

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Painter Jill Paddock


I sat down with Jill Paddock, awesome local artist, mom, and general human being. We talk art, Calgary, painting on basement floors, mental health and, of course, a bit about West Elm and the appropriation of art! Take a listen, let us know what you think! And thank you as always for your support.

Thanks as always to Media Lab YYC and to Handmade. Check out Handmade’s EP on Spotify or your chosen streaming media.