Episode 4: Kelly Johnsgaard


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kelly Johnsgaard, the founder and creative source of the artist collective now known as Nvrlnd Ranch. Originally Voltage Garage, they have moved to Ramsey and rebranded while still aiming for the same ideals: art, collaboration, creativity. And of course, Calgary. While we start off distracted by my ramblings of my recent Helicopter trip, Kelly is able to steer me back to focus on the main driving principles of his work and the very same ideals that I believe make Calgary unique: art, collaboration, creativity. Shout out to MediaLabYYC and MelloriMusic.

Episode 3: Modern Emulsions


I had the chance to sit down with Magda Asaaf of Modern Emulsions and talk art, culture, spirituality, and so much more. What a fascinating woman to bring her background as a successful business woman into the establishment of a very exciting new art practice. Her work is captivating and abstract: a true sense freedom is expressed through the natural movements captured in and throughout her canvases. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to get such insight into her journey! Thank you, as always, to Kevin at MediaLabYYC and to MelloriMusic!

Episode 2: Zaire Sealy


I met Zaire Sealy at a "People Are Pearls" event last year. He was one of the spoken word poets that performed that night and I was a fan. Over the last year we've met to discuss collaborative projects, philosophies, and general chit chat. I am honoured to have him on as our second guest. A young man who not only seems to have started on a spiritual journey of personal growth, but also who has been trying to give back. Intro/Outro music graciously provided by Mellori Music. Recorded and mixed by Kyle at MediaLab YYC. Please subscribe and leave reviews on the iTunes podcast app thing. Apparently important! Algorithms and such!.

Episode 1: Alvin Paringit


Check out Episode 1 of our new podcast. An interview with my friend and photographic collaborator Alvin Paringit and music from new Calgary artist Mellori. Thank you to MediaLabYYC for recording, tutoring, editing, and just awesome-ing the start of our broadcast!

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