Calgary Green Party Candidate - Thana Boonlert


I sit down with Thana Boonlert - street photographer, engineer, mountain hiker, and Calgary's Federal Green Party Candidate. This man loves a challenge. We chat about what he sees in this campaign; how he's dealt with his recent lay off/job loss; the impression of inner city Calgarians he's getting from endless door-knocking; the status of politics in general; and why he wants to work with the Green Party. He believes we need to have #courage to invest our votes in our personal beliefs and not in partisan strategy. He believes that the Green Party has the base scientific and empathetic roots to take Canada there. He believes this fall will reflect this! Let me know what you think! Is Calgary more Progressive than we think? If we get away from the fear of job loss and the boom-busy economy - do we care about the planet long term?
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