Like New Vintage | Secret Shop YYC


Today we have a special conversation with the minds behind Like New Vintage and Secret Shop YYC - Nick, Tam, and Jimmy. We spend a bit of time to explore who they are, where they came from, and how they are working together to stimulate and grow creative culture here in Calgary. Their series of fashion, music, performance shows have been gaining traction here on the ground floor in Calgary. They have vision, direction, and great perspective on what’s hip and cool collaborative programs - like their upcoming show with Velour Clothing Exchange and Pulse Dance Studios aptly named “Something from Nothing”. If you’re listening to this before Aug 30, get online and get tickets ASAP as it’s small and looks to be a killer fashion/dance show at cSpace King Edward.

Shout out to Kyle Marshall of Media Lab YYC for the studio space, production, and awesome positive vibes. If you’re ever looking to chat with something who REALLY LOVES podcasts, you need to sit down with Kyle. And to last episode’s guest A.Y.E. who has donated another track from his album Soul Food for this production. Calgary collaboration!

You can find all involved parties online through attached links - check the description, instagram, website, posts to find out more! And thank you for your time. Even listening is the start of the collaborative energy we need here in the city to keep the ball moving forward.


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