#ZooMotif - My chat with TO of F.L.I. Productions


In this episode I sit down with Taylor Odishaw-Dyck, aka TO, aka Fake James, and the creator of FLI Productions. We met initially through Austin Kamenz, co-conspirator and street artist. Together with Ty Javos, we built #WakeMotif - a private invite only art, music, performance event last March. What an incredible event. And now, from wake, we move to the Zoo #ZooMotif.

Our conversation covers Energy Exchange; the necessity of an environment of collaboration; Humility; "Ego-death"; and the Future of Calgary culture. Yet another example of why I’m convinced Calgary is about to explode with genuine creative energy. The next step for Calgary is collaboration and interaction. Exclusive Music provided by Vanilla Sun.


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Modern Manhood - a series created by German Villegas focused on the divergent and often negative concept of masculinity. He has spent the last 5 years developing this conversation and pulling apart social and cultural influences that seem to drive so many men to despair. And, shameless self-promotion - I’m on it! Albeit briefly, on his latest episode to discuss just this - the effect of media tropes on men! Check his work out at modernmanhood.org or through the APN site albertapodcastnetwork.com/social-issues


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