Season 2, Episode 3: Thana Boonlert


A few years ago I met Thana Boonlert street-shooting on Stephen Ave. We chatted about our craft and over the course of an insta-friendship and then some coffee dates, I learned he was an engineer and, go figure, an agent of social change. As a member of the Green Party of Alberta and now officially representing Calgary for the soon to be announced political campaign, Thana Boonlert is running on his belief in science and rationality. While we here at Perspectives YYC must steer clear of any specific political lean, one question arose in the recording of this session at Thana's launch party: Can Reason Win Over Rhetoric in Modern Politics? The only contribution we can make is to offer an avenue for said discussion to take place. 
Thanks to Thana and the Green Party of Alberta for allowing us access to this great event. And as always to MediaLabYYC for production and Thomas Thomas Band for this hot intro/outro track!

Season 2, Episode 2: Eric Wicherts


I met an incredible man, Eric Wicherts, at Phil&Sebastian Coffee Shop. 90+ year old Dutch-Canadian, husband to painter And Wicherts, war vetran, geo-physicist, owner of a luxury passenger train. And super nice. He gave me a run down of meeting his wife to having 3 kids each on a different CONTINENT. And of course we talk about how amazing Calgary is! (Especially compared to Toronto, hehehe) And when he's done, he walks out of the studio - mid session. Proper thug. Thank you Eric. Thank you to MediaLabYYCfor audio production and hosting. Thank you Thomas Thomas Bandfor amazing tunes. And thanks to coffee shops in general, that a foolish man like me could befriend an incredible achiever like Eric!

Season 2, Episode 1: George Webber, Thomas Thomas Band


We had the distinct honour of sitting down with George Webber, esteemed, famous, and incredibly fun. A casual conversation that stretches across history, process, philosophy, and general awesomeness.
Incredible new track by band Thomas Thomas.

And as always, great thanks to Kyle Marshall at Media Lab YYCfor production.

Our hope is to further hone our content to show just how amazing Calgary is. Incredible creatives that, regardless of notoriety, want to keep encouraging the art scene to grow and evolve!