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Poetry - Ashley Miles

In January I had the honour of sitting down with Ashley Miles. At the time of record she considered herself Non-Binary and Gender Fluid.  We met through a referral by our mutual friend, poet, mother, and all around awesome person Amanda Hiebert. Ashley created a poem for our Issue 3 and we discuss this work, poetry at large, her experience of the gender issue, politics, heck... we discuss it all. I want to thank her for working with us to keep building this Perspectives movement in the city. 
In the spirit of non-binary, Thomas Thomas's amazing track Gracious Host appears in its entirety at the end. And thank you, always, to my incredible producer Kyle Marshall and Media Lab YYC

Public Art- Dean Stanton

I had the great pleasure of sitting down with renown Calgary artist Dean Stanton! We chat about... well... pretty much everything! Art, politics (?), Calgary, creativity, you name it... we probably cover it somehow. At least... felt that way. Haha. You can see Dean's art all over the city but it's on our podcast that we get down to his story! Amazing how he's been able to be a self-employed artist in Calgary since the 90s! Great insight and mentorship.
Thank as always to Thomas Thomas for their amazing track Gracious Host. And congrats on the recent announcement of their debut EP. We'll do our best to have some exclusive links here!
And of course to Media Lab YYC - without whom none of this would be possible!

Photography - George Webber

We had the distinct honour of sitting down with George Webber, esteemed, famous, and incredibly fun. A casual conversation that stretches across history, process, philosophy, and general awesomeness.
Incredible new intro track by band Thomas Thomas.

And as always, great thanks to Kyle Marshall at Media Lab YYC for production.

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