open call perspectives YYC Magazine

We are looking for artists, writers, general cultural peeps to contribute to a new magazine we are building. Our magazine will be artist-driven, primarily visual, and will attempt to highlight the incredible untapped talent in our city.  Our hope is that by leaving this conceptually open to said talent, we can develop this magazine organically and truly reflective of the people in Calgary itself.  We are looking for content to drive the first issue for release in July but are asking for content to develop moving forward in general, so if you're interested let us know!


open call submission form

Name *
if there are more than one artist involved, please copy all names with the narrative
we will contact you if your piece makes final print to finalize title and creation credit
please copy and pate the narrative piece here. we are looking to keep text less than 500 words.
please link images. we have had success with google drive - and will update this section once we can allow access for you to upload directly.