the team

David Youn Creative Conceptor


Creative Conceptor

David started all of this. It is all his fault. Blame only him. No-one else is culpable for what Perspetives does. Unless it’s the good stuff. Then look below. Or on the collaborators page. The real talent is there. But all the annoying shit. That’s all Dave.

Thank you.

Helen Youn



She doesn’t just Konmari - my incredible wife lays things out, designs, plans, finances, just does everything behind the scenes to make all of this possible.



The Portuguese Dutchman

Our sales director is a Euro Entrepreneur Extrodinairre. EEE certified. Visionary and genuinely sweet. This soon to be father also will convince you to attend football matches with ex-pros to convince you to start exercising again. Goddamned it.

Matt Mort


Moving Picturer

Our video guy is young. And grew a moustache for Movember. And loves to brainstorm ideas. And to shoot videos. And to meet new people. And he actually seems to have a nice heart (ask him about his outside-Perspectives plans!) Matt, thanks for keeping us young. Ish.

Kyle Marshall


Audio Wizard

Kyle is a wizard. Of audio. Also of computing objects. Particularly of the Apple variety. And he does do video. But for the purposes of this text, he does not. Thank you Kyle. For audio. And audio only.

Sam Steen


The Literate One

Sam is literate. Literally literate. So literate, in fact, that he literally literates all the literature we receive for our publication. Thank you for being able to read and write and all that stuff. Loquacious - that’s the best word I learned in high school. And fitting, I think. In this context.