Perspectives YYC: Magazine

Cover Art: Stephanie Fowler  @designbystlight

Cover Art: Stephanie Fowler @designbystlight


Issue 3: Letter from Conceptor


what is zazen. in the study of zen buddhism, the term describes the pursuit of enlightenment. often through the practice of meditation and the study of ancient texts. zazen also understands enlightenment in the form of “beginner’s mind” - approaching every moment of life as its first; the dialectic of everything and nothing being two sides of the same coin.

for perspectives, i believe this to be the pursuit of the growth of our art and culture scene; both stimulating and directing it, while letting it grow and evolve on its own; a pursuit both formally fine art and formally anything not.

zazen. enlightenment. we now have a magazine, a podcast, art showings, secret music parties, and we’re developing an app for the iPhone. i’m apparently on twitter. what the fuck? how do we continue to find the best expression of ourselves as a culture, a movement, a family. If I’m learning anything from being a Dad… we just keep yelling, painting, bumping things off shelves, shooting, crying, dancing, yelling, singing, writing, posting… we allow ourselves to be broken and rebuilt again, over and over. And we try to withhold judgement throughout the process. at least of the entirety. and when we judge, we try to quickly find balance again.

zazen. establishing balance. without moving. without staying still.

zazen. perspectives. yyc. keep building and rebuilding until we find both art and audience.

zazen. i’ve read two chapters of my first zen book*. so… i’ll update you next issue when I learn I’m just full of shit.


It all started when…

There is something about print. Something tangible. Something real. Something still temporary and eroding.  In art, photography, writing... there's an important part to play in transforming what has largely become electronic and visual consumption of art into an object. In this vein, we decided to build a print magazine with content from local artists, artisans, and human beings. Work that would ONLY be available in print. Where the magazine itself will end up, what direction it might/ought/could have gone - we'll only know as it develops. One thing is certain though: The principle for Perspectives YYC is to bring local art to everyday local people. Look for it at local retailers (we'll have a list if we can) and help support our initiative to connect all these incredible YYC folks with each other! To each other! To the WORLD!

Issue One and Issue Two available now. Issue Three launching early 2019.


“Just finished the mag. It’s incredible. Thank you! Truthfully, I would never sit down and read a magazine front to back the way I just did, especially not in today’s age. I think the last time I got excited about a magazine I was about 14, and reading the latest issue of Mad Magazine. Reading your magazine brought me back to that same excitement and enthusiasm, and the fact that your creation is able to excite young people in a digital age really says something. Does that make sense? Anyways, congrats on another awesome issue!”

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