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Foundation -  @dyounphoto

Foundation - @dyounphoto


It all started when…

My name is David Youn. In 2016 I broke my life. Every decision I had made up to that point led me to a bottom where I didn’t think I could recover. Instead, through the love and support of my incredible wife Helen Youn and my incredible son Emerson, I was essentially kept alive long enough to find recovery. Recovery in health, mind, and spirit. I started a journey that changed my way thinking. Away from the prevalent idea of “what’s in it for me” to the idea of “what can I do for others”. In 2017, as an artist, I was able to put on my first solo show through the support of a local coffee shop Phil&Sebastian. In 2018, I built a successful group photography show called YYC6 for the Exposure Photography Festival. Through these endeavours I began to meet an incredible assortment of creators. Amazing talent and positive energy, here in Calgary, looking for a conduit to grow. Amidst those conversations and coffees and meetings and just good times, the idea of putting this into print came into focus. A seed was planted. This change needed to be a physical object, an embodiment of who we were. Not a fleeting 24 hour snapshot, but something that could stay with us as we move forward as a society.

I put out an Open Call to all my new creative friends - no thematic bias - just a focus on people’s personal Calgarian connection to any creative art. My wife took the submissions and built our first layout in between her own entrepreneurial work and our responsibilities parenting… and Perspectives YYC was born. Out of ignorance of process as much as innovation and positive intent. But mostly because my wife is an Indesign genius!

Released July 2018, our goal is to highlight creativity here in Calgary. Without bias. Without ads. Without corporate agenda. In search of growth - positivity - change. Calgary is on the cusp of a cultural evolution. It’s in the middle of it. I want all of my efforts to push and encourage this growth. To be a fertilizer. A catalyst. A motivator. To work with you to help this city find it’s true calling as a leader in community and positivity; creativity and innovation; high art and, of course, high fives. Come join us! Share you perspectives with us.